Our mission is to provide quality, respectful childcare programs that help children and families be their very best. We follow Magna Gerber and Reggio Emilia’s philosophies of respect for and trust in the child to be the initiator, explorer, and self-learner. We are here as facilitators to provide the optimum environment for children to learn and grow.

The Outside Classroom

Most of our day is spent outside. Our outdoor classroom is designed to encourage creative and cooperative play. Our children build confidence as they balance, climb, run, jump, and play in ways only limited by their imaginations. The willow tree has been a castle, a café, and a jungle, inhabited by dinosaurs, dragons, and fairies. This time spent outside naturally increases a child’s interest in science and math. Exploration, observation, and experimentation are the natural outcomes of allowing children to play freely in nature. Even our infants enjoy time outside, often napping in the shade of a tree.

The Indoor Classroom

Our inside classrooms are designed to encourage play that promotes social and emotional development. With a mix of open ended toys, household items, and objects from nature, the children build, cook, dance, sing, and learn in a natural way. With an emphasis on science and the arts driving our curriculum, the classrooms are rich in books, maps, musical instruments, dress up clothes, puppets, and art supplies.


We are conveniently located in North Hyde Park in Kansas City Missouri.
A short drive from downtown and within 5 minutes from 71 highway!